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Toraman Machine History

Founded in 1944, our company continues the quality that has been inherited to us as a family business and tradition.

Today, Toraman Machinery has earned a trustworthy and respected place among our business partners with our wealth of experience and knowledge.

Construction, Mining, Chemical and Food industry from the manufacture of individual and auxiliary machines; Spare parts of these machines, and turn-key-based plant installations. In addition to these, we design and manufacture all kinds of machines on order.

Toraman Makina is an establishment specializing in plant and machine projecting.


Hikmet Toraman, who is currently carrying the flag, is a mechanical engineer graduated in 1967.

America worked with the capital company McKee in the Black Sea Copper Business establishment in the fields of plant layout, factory machine installation, outsourcing projects, after completion of the projects, work site control engineering, machine manufacturing and manufacturing management at Hopa facilities.

Karabük Demir Çelik facilities project project, together with the German firm Rheinstahl firm of the project specialist, was the project group supervisor of the crushing screening plant.

Since 1976 he has been managing the Toraman Machinery Manufacturing Industry.